I’m happily donating a piece of my artwork the The Body Shop so they can raise funds for the Wā Collective, where 100% of the sale goes to this fantastic cause.

Up for adoption is Barker the Robot Dog, and Barker is eager to find a forever home.

Barker would usually sell for $600 but can be taken home for a donation of anything over $400 – Please send me a DM for further details.

Every day, people everywhere are ashamed  about one of the most natural things in the world.   And, in NZ, one in three menstruating students have skipped class because they don’t have access to menstrual products. Periods are normal,  but missing out on life shouldn’t be, period.

The Body Shop and Wā Collective have teamed up  to get medical grade silicone Wā menstrual cups to  people in need throughout NZ. Your donation directly impacts the life of a local, giving them free period care for up to 10 years, just with one cup.


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